Do I need Marriage counseling?

Every marriage is important and sometimes you may find yourself in a place where you and your spouse need some extra help. There are many reasons why this might be but the most important thing is to get it before it’s too late. Here are three reasons you should seek marriage counseling.

1)We don’t get along anymore

*Sometimes you get along and sometimes you don’t. Does it seem like you get along less and less each day? Maybe y’all have a misunderstanding? Maybe y’all have miscommunication? Whatever it may be, y’all just can’t get along. In this situation it would be wise to seek help before it continues to get worse. Marriage counseling can help both of you understand each other and navigate to getting along together.

2) We have plateaued

*Sometimes your marriage is going great, sometimes it isn’t going so well and sometimes you are stuck in a rut. If your relationship is in a rut and has plateaued then it would be wise to seek help and get marriage counseling. Don’t stay where you are. Instead get the help y’all need so that your marriage can continue growing and thriving.

3) We are ready to quit

*Sometimes your marriage is so bad one of you or both of you feel like quitting. For me, I have a belief in God and desire to follow His ways. So splitting up and quitting isn’t an option. For some it is an option and I’d caution you to not make the mistake and quit a marriage prematurely. Most of the time when things are bad, if you hold on a little more there is a breakthrough. There are situations to call it quits. But if the reason isn’t Biblical then I’d suggest getting some help. Marriage counseling isn’t to be frowned upon but can help your marriage tremendously.

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