Should I keep this relationship?

A relationship is a delicate flower that can either thrive or die. The question is whether or not this flower is worth giving the proper sun and water for it to thrive or to just leave it alone. When deciding whether or not to keep or not to keep a relationship, I suggest asking yourself two questions. Make sure to reflect and answer them seriously.

1)Can I see myself marrying this person?

*When deciding whether or not to keep a relationship it is important to ask yourself a tough question. Is this person that I want to marry? Is this person the person I could see myself spending the rest of my life with? If the answer is yes then the relationship is worth keeping and if the answer is no then there you go, you have your answer. Why keep a relationship when it isn’t headed anywhere?

2) Do we share the same beliefs?

*This is a crucial question because there are people you are attracted to and people you could spend your life with but you will have to avoid certain conversations. Why? For me, the person we spend our life with should believe in the same things as we do so we have common values. If we have common beliefs and values then our relationship will thrive.

So should you keep this relationship or not? The answer is found in those two questions. Don’t waste your time and the other persons. If this is a relationship you can see yourself in for life then it’s worth keeping and if not it’s time to part ways.

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