3 Ways to keep relationship exciting

1)Spontaneous dates

*In order to keep a relationship exciting you need to go on a date. However, some people go on the same dates and that can be fun and not as exciting as it could be. If you always go out to eat, how about a movie and dinner? If you always go to a movie, how about going to a live production? Spontaneous dates are fun and can keep the relationship exciting.

2) Spontaneous gifts

*Everyone loves gifts and most people appreciate gifts when unexpected. A surprise is flattering and can gain you some points with the other so I highly recommend surprising them with a gift! If you need some ideas, just ask yourself what do they like? What do they need? Go get it and give it to them and they will be happy.

Young couple having picnic in park with border collie

3) Spontaneous messages

*In order to keep your relationship exciting you need spontaneous dates and gifts. You also need to randomly let the other know how you feel about them. It is important they know how you feel and not just the normal everyday talk. I love you…yes but how much do you love them? How about write a poem? Text them throughout the day that you are thinking of them and be amazing at how it will spark your relationship.

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