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10 Spontaneous Date Ideas

1)Go see a late night movie. *Movies are fun so why not go see the newest one at midnight?! 2) Go to the new restaurant in town. *Food is good so why not try something new?! 3) Go shopping. *Shopping ...

3 steps to creating relationship goals

1)Carve out time together *The first step to creating some relationship goals is to carve out a time that works for both of you. It is important to have life goals so why not have relationship goals? Talk with each ...

Should I keep this relationship?

A relationship is a delicate flower that can either thrive or die. The question is whether or not this flower is worth giving the proper sun and water for it to thrive or to just leave it alone. When deciding ...

3 Ways to keep relationship exciting

1)Spontaneous dates *In order to keep a relationship exciting you need to go on a date. However, some people go on the same dates and that can be fun and not as exciting as it could be. If you always ...