Looking for Love the Right Way

Love is more than a feeling. Sure you feel love but feelings sometimes change and new feelings arise. Sometimes those feelings aren’t the most pleasant but if you found love the right way then you have no need to worry. Love is more like a choice. I choose to love you because I choose to and it’s not based on my feelings or your behavior. To me, that is real love…it’s love that loves no matter what. But how do you find love the right way?

1) Start with the end in mind

*When looking for love and when looking for love the right way it is imperative to look for love with the end in mind. What I mean by looking for love with the end in mind is to look for love with a plan. Don’t just look aimlessly and don’t just settle at the first person who is interested in you. That is where most relationships fail. They started wrong and surely they fail or last longer than needed. However, if you think about the person you want to love and if you think of the relationship that you want to have then looking for the love won’t just be about the right way but the fun and amazing way.

2) Start looking for love

*Now that you have defined the relationship before finding the relationship, it’s time to start looking for love. If you are to find the love that you desire and have hoped for then it takes action and not just hopeful wishes. If you are a man then I’d advise you to start looking and not being afraid to fail. Yes, you may face rejection but what if I told you that once you are rejected 9 times then you will meet the woman of your dreams? Then you will gladly take those rejections. Ladies, I’d advise you to wait for your love to come to you because men pursue and the women men pursue are women of character and not just beauty. Don’t make yourself cheap because men will treat you accordingly and that is how you find love the wrong way.

3) Stop looking for love

*Honestly, some of you need to stop looking for love. You need a timeout where you can grow as a person and stop hurting people and being hurt by people. There is no shame in taking a timeout if it is for the right reason. In order to find love the right way it is imperative that you be healthy and not toxic or your relationship will turn toxic.

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