Keeping a relationship can be healthy but it can also be unhealthy. Most relationships that succeed are healthy so I wouldn’t suggest prolonging an unhealthy relationship. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself a question. Is this relationship worth keeping? Is it worth it or not. A healthy relationship takes a lot of work so this question is vital if you want to move forward. Here are three responses and my suggestion on what to do.

1) Yes! Then keep your relationship! If you answered yes then the simple answer is do whatever you need to do to keep this relationship that you have decided is worth it. I could give you tons of ideas and solutions but at the end of the day if your dream job was on the line you would do whatever it takes to keep the job. It should be the same if the relationship is so important to you. You should do whatever you have to in order to keep the relationship.

2) Maybe! Then keep your relationship but give yourself a deadline on when to decide if it is or is not worth it. There is no need to just coast so it’s important if you are unsure to figure it out fast so you don’t waste your time or theirs.

3) No! Then move on! If you decided that the relationship is not worth it then it pretty much is over and you need to call it quits and move on. It isn’t healthy to prolong something you don’t see a future in and there is no need to waste each others time, emotions and money any longer.

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