1) Go to the movies

*Go to the movies! It is a date that is common yet always different based on the theater and showing. There are theaters where you can recline your chairs, where you can eat and some where you can do both. You can go see a movie in the day, after work or even a midnight showing. Don’t underestimate the movies as a fun and exciting date.

2) Go out to eat

*Go out to eat! Eating is apart of our everyday life so why not make it a date! You can eat fast food, at a casual restaurant and even a fancy one. No matter where you eat you can bet that you and your date will be satisfied because your stomachs will be very happy! Eating is fun so why not make it a date!

3) Go hiking

*Go hiking! Hiking is for beginners, experts and in between. Hiking is a good date idea because it’s adventurous and you have some quality time while seeing God’s beautiful creation! Hiking is fun and why not burn off that lunch y’all just had?! Make sure to where the proper gear and be prepared because this date idea could go bad but with the right gear and preparation it will be fun and memorable.

4) Go shopping

*Go shopping! Guys don’t get mad at me and ladies don’t use this date idea as your go to! Shopping is fun and a good date because there are so many things out there to buy! There are clothes, shoes, groceries, houses, cars and more. Make your shopping experience time together and you’ll enjoy it!

5) Go freestyle

*Go freestyle?! Yes, the best dates are spontaneous and based on the couple. For example, a young couple who loves to eat but on a diet can go to a restaurant that teaches you how to cook healthy food! Or a couple who likes to travel can take mini road trips to cities near them and explore. Whatever date you decide make sure its fun and brings you closer together as a couple.

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