3 Relationship Problems and Solutions

1) Not enough quality time.

*Most relationships can not survive if they lack quality time. In today’s culture we can be with each other for hours but not really together. We also can be miles apart but spend time together using the technology that sometimes separates us. We may be old fashioned and prefer to spend time together in person. We may be more modern and like spending time together virtually. No matter which we prefer, we need to have quality time if our relationship is to survive.

Solution: Be intentional and plan quality time together.

*If our relationship problem is to be solved then you must use some intentionality. You must make sure to plan time together that you both enjoy and find satisfying. There are lots of things that you can do together and there is plenty of time each day. So the ball is your court to solve this issue by taking time and planning quality time together so that you can have a healthy relationship.

2) No forward movement

*A lot of relationship problems arise from the fact that the relationship is stagnate and not moving forward. In order to solve this issue we must ask, “am I the problem?” Honestly, you are probably both the problem and that is okay. However, it’s not okay to stay where you are at. We must also be diligent to solve this problem by gaining some traction and start moving. But how?

Solution: Be intentional and create some relationship goals

*If your relationship is going to start moving and moving to the next level then your relationship needs goals. Each relationship is different and each person is different so it’s important to make your goals based on your needs and hopes. It would be silly to make a goal for a married couple if you just started dating and vice versa. At the end of the day your relationship will go as far as your goals.

3) No understanding of each other

*Most relationship problems arise from misunderstanding each other. Working through your relationship problems will require you understanding each other as much as you understand yourself. Most arguments are not resolved simply because we misunderstand each other and because of this misunderstanding our relationship problems can bring disaster.

Solution: Be intentional and listen before you speak

*If you are to understand your partner then you must listen. Your relationship problem will never be solved if all you do is speak. No, you must listen and when you listen you understand more accurately. It’s funny how this works so good because it’s so easy. However, most people don’t like to listen and understand. Instead they like to speak and be understood. If your relationship problem is to be solved then you must listen before you speak so you can understand and respond appropriately.

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