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5 Date Ideas

1) Go to the movies *Go to the movies! It is a date that is common yet always different based on the theater and showing. There are theaters where you can recline your chairs, where you can eat and some ...

How to keep my relationship

Keeping a relationship can be healthy but it can also be unhealthy. Most relationships that succeed are healthy so I wouldn’t suggest prolonging an unhealthy relationship. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself a question. Is ...

3 Online Dating Secrets

1) Not everyone is real *It is a sad thing to say but everyone you meet online is not real. It is very important that you are careful when engaging in online dating. People use fake accounts, they lie about ...

Looking for Love the Right Way

Love is more than a feeling. Sure you feel love but feelings sometimes change and new feelings arise. Sometimes those feelings aren’t the most pleasant but if you found love the right way then you have no need to worry. ...

3 Relationship Problems and Solutions

1) Not enough quality time. *Most relationships can not survive if they lack quality time. In today’s culture we can be with each other for hours but not really together. We also can be miles apart but spend time together ...